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Forget about Oil… Forget about Gold… Water is the Most Valuable Resource of the 21st Century.

The world population is rising by about 80 million people every year. We are expected to reach eight billion people in the next 15 years. That’s a lot of thirsty mouths.

In fact, the demand for water is expected to TRIPLE in the next 50 years. Just consider how much water it takes to produce many of the things we take for granted:

Product Water Needed to Produce
1 Cup of Coffee 37 gallons
1 Glass of Apple Juice 50 gallons
1 Loaf of Bread 150 gallons
1 Hamburger 634 gallons
1 Pair of Blue Jeans 1,800 gallons
1 Bushel of Wheat 5,000 gallons
1 Average Car 39,090 gallons
1 Ton of Steel 62,000 gallons
1 Day of U.S. Newsprint 300 million gallons

We see fresh water all around us, filling lakes, rivers and streams. But the amount of fresh water available to the growing population is truly miniscule.

The problem is that 97% of the water on earth is saltwater. Only 3% is fresh water — and more than two thirds of that is locked up in glaciers or buried deep underground.

That leaves only about 1% of all the water on earth readily accessible for human use!

And, in some parts of the world, the situation is even more dire. Less than 0.01% of the accessible fresh water on earth is available to the entire Middle East — with a population of 203 million!

It doesn’t take an expert to see that’s not enough water — and that those companies that can rectify that situation will make a fortune.

We simply cannot “conserve” our way out of this crisis. The only solution is to find an abundant supply of fresh water.

This is what led President John F. Kennedy to state: “If we could ever competitively — at a cheap rate — get fresh water from saltwater, that would dwarf any other scientific accomplishments.”

The Only Solution to the World’s Water Crisis Has Always Been Too Expensive… Until Now!

The original purpose for this technology was to provide inexpensive cold storage for vegetables.

In 1986 Hakken’s brother had a farm in Norway, overlooking a deep fjord. He wanted to use cold water from the sea to keep his vegetables cold. But the water would have to be pumped 100 feet uphill to the storage building.

That required a lot of energy. And all that water went right back down the hill once it circulated through the cooling unit — a big waste of energy.

But what if he could capture the energy within the force of water moving DOWN the hill… and use it to push the other column of water UP the hill?

That is exactly what Bjorn set out to do.

Thankfully, the thirst for water is not an unquenchable crisis — desalination is the answer.

There are no technology barriers to desalination (also called “desalinization”). The process is simple. We either boil seawater at low pressure and condense the steam (thermal). Or we use high pressure to push it through filtering membranes (reverse osmosis).

The problem is that both of these methods are expensive. They require HUGE amounts of energy. That’s why only about 12 billion gallons of water are desalinated annually —
less than a quarter of one percent of the global demand.

In fact, it was so expensive that China and India found it cheaper to buy water shipped from Lake Superior and Alaska… than to pull fresh water from the ocean!

If water were oil, then discovering an inexpensive way to take the salt out of seawater would be the equivalent of finding an unlimited number of Saudi Arabias. And the company I am about to tell you about has done just that!

ONE COMPANY Holds the Rights to the Technology that Has Solved the World’s Water Crisis!

This company has found a way to make desalination affordable. In fact, their innovation has lowered the cost of desalination to the point that it is CHEAPER than municipal water in some areas.

This Company is to Water What Saudi Arabia is to Oil… Saving the World Has Never Been So Profitable!

From humble beginnings on his brother’s farm, Bjorn Hakken’s invention has become a mission-critical technology in 70% of all new desalination plants (and a rapidly growing number of the 14,000 existing plants)!

This incredible device is revolutionizing the production of clean water. And with a total of 14 U.S. and international patents, they have rock-solid protection for their groundbreaking intellectual property.

Their device is perfected to operate at up to 98% efficiency — just two points away from perpetual motion!

Few machines even come close to this level of efficiency. The engine in the Honda Prius is supposed to be a major breakthrough… and it’s only 37% efficient.

By my calculations, you could make at least +257% over the next year if you invest in this company today.

Hold it longer and you are sitting on potential astronomical gains — too ridiculous to print! And this is not some wild speculation… the company holds 70% of their market and the world’s desalination capacity is about to explode.

  • Saudi Arabia allocated $53 billion to increase desalination capacity
  • The UAE will invest at least $10 billion to satisfy their growing needs
  • Abu Dhabi announced a $12 billion program
  • Dubai announced plans to invest $20 billion over the next eight years
  • Profit from the Rising Tide of Desalination and Make a Boatload From this Life-Saving Technology!

    Source: Andy Obermueller, Chief Investment Strategist of Government-Driven Investing
    More details here: My Own Portfolio

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