The Billion-Dollar Fungus

Now I want to tell you a story about a fungus of all things. A fungus that produces enzymes that unlock the sugar found in the cell wall of all plant life.

It has already made my readers a ton of money and I expect it will make them plenty more going forward.

For me, the story started about 18 months ago, when I had a long conversation with one of the most inspiring businessmen I’ve ever met.

I honestly think this guy is going to change the world.

Even if he’s half right… or just 10% right… he’s going to make bucketloads of money for anyone who puts a little cash into this stock.

Now, here’s the fun part: This industry’s profits are almost guaranteed by our friends on Capitol Hill.

Congress has ordered a timetable for the production of biofuels. Cellulosic ethanol was one of them. Right now, this country produces just 6.5 million gallons. But by 2022, we need to be making 16 billion gallons a year.

Upping production from 6.5 million to 16 billion is a +246,000% increase, a compound annual growth rate of nearly +100%. And this growth is written into federal law.

That much cellulosic ethanol is going to require a huge amount of sugar. You see, instead of being made from the starch in corn, cellulosic ethanol is made from the sugar in plants.

But the energy in that sugar is out of reach without this company’s patented enzymes. So this company has a golden ticket.

Get in this company now and you could be putting cellulosic ethanol into your Ferrari before long.

Source: Andy Obermueller, Chief Investment Strategist of Fast-Track Millionaire
More details here: My Own Portfolio

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