1-Day Tour Guide in Santiago, Chile


The best trip I´ve ever had was a 4-hour stop in Buenos Aires.
How could I humanly squeeze that time to use it wisely, go for a steak at lunch, and without losing my next flight?
It took me several emails the previous week to plannify those 4 hours.
One person picked me up at the airport, to have a meeting in the car and driving to visit my second apppointment.
Long story short, I met 4 clients, delivered a presentation to entrepreneurs and picked up sample materials from a vendor.
I slept very well in that flight, eventhough it was coach.
You can stretch your time and let me help plannify your trip here.


Santiago in 1 day

If you have just one day in Santiago, you have several options. Let me comment 2 ways:


Option 1: Do as every tour does on your own
Time: 6 hours. Budget USD$100 = CLP$60.000
If your hotel is in dowtown, walk around to Plaza de Armas. (45 minutes, free)
If you like museums, pick one and go early. Like Bellas Artes and dont forget the second floor with the classics. (1 hour, $10)Use the service Santiago Hop on hop off with Turistik to visit main sightseeings. (4 hours, $30)
Go to Cerro San Cristobal hill to see the extension of the city (1 hour, Turistik bus included).
Avoid restaurants there, unless you in a hurry.
If you are in Providencia and love sandwichs, go to Fuente Alemana o Domino Hotdogs (30 min, $10)
Buy a mug, keychain or magnet for your collection (15 min, $10)
Back to your hotel or airport.
If you need a ride, use Cabify instead of taxis. You will thank me later.


Option 2: Do something different
Send me an email answering these 3 questions and I will give you 4 free ideas you can do on your own.
What is your hobbie?
What would you like to learn or improve?
Who would you like to meet?
Then I will send you ideas to know the city with a purpose.

Santiago in 2 days or more

Would you like a different wine tour without planning a reservation?
Would you like to eat like a king with a $10 budget?
Would you like an unbias opinion about real estate opportunities now?
Would you like to know how to invest or meet startups in Chile?
Would you like to take an affordable sabbatical here and get an immigration visa?
Do you have what it takes to book in a different tour.

Send me an email with your interests and expectations.
The best way to learn a city is having fun and challenges.
I will send you some ideas, then we can talk via skype.

Tour Cost
If you are wondering about the cost.
$450/group per day (groups up to 4) sounds reasonable?
It includes transportation to the itinerary we create together.
Food will depend on your budget, we can go to $10 or $50 places.
Of course, any recommendation you need for hotels, contact people, local suggestions are part of the tour.

Don`t hesitate to send me an email and book an skype call with your questions.

All the best in your endeavors,
Octavio Urzua
Tel. (56-2) 2231 3909


Octavio y Magdalena

Magdalena and Octavio

Cerro San Cristobal

San Cristobal Hill

Paseo Bicicleta Cerro San Cristobal

Mountainbike Tours


Fuente Alemana

Fuente Alemana Dinosaurus Sandwich

Bycicle City Tour

1-hour Bycicle City Tour

La Moneda Santiago Chile

“La Moneda” Santiago Chile


Santiago City Tour

Santiago City Tour


Wine Tour Route

Wine Tour Route



Painting a School



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