Neville Medhora, the hustler

partner with homeless to sell 24 water bottles in 30 min $15 profit

10 hacks to solve a problem

Yelp email to B2B

evolution of direct response letters of washing service

altucher idea: write emails for Uber to get noticed

NevBox $97

provide free improvement ideas to get first clients and charge for the implementation or for teaching them by steps
offer 3 services to avoid the price objection
to my clients offer to improve their seo and what results he can expect, set the price of how many deals he can make

Conferencias de hustlers

send an email to convince your boss to go and pay for it

email para invitar speakers

como invitar attendes en 7 semanas
– construir una lista de emails in mi blog, escribir un post cada semana sobre cada speaker con historias entretenidas para que lectores invitaran a amigos a leerlo
– lista de 200 a 2500 en 7 semanas
– regalar 50 tickets a influencers con hartos amigos en FB, 35% descto en blogs
– sponsor package: pueden enviar 5-7 empleados y tener un banner
– voluntarios

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