New Wave of Industrial Revolution

Imagine how our world — and your life — would change if the batteries that run your iPad… your Kindle… and your Prius hybrid held 10 TIMES more power and charged 10 TIMES faster than they do now…

The Guardian and The Huffington Post report that it could “revolutionize everything from nanosurgery to homebuilding”

  • Tablets and netbooks as powerful as IBM’s Watson supercomputer…
  • Medications that can replace chemotherapy and kill cancer cells…
  • Thin, transparent solar cells that can wrap around any surface…
  • Smart phones so skinny and flexible you can roll them up and put them behind your ear. And so durable you can beat them with a hammer…
  • In fact, Samsung already expects to have its first flexible screens out before Christmas!

    I believe the biggest and earliest fortunes will be made not from the breakthrough products we’ll see coming to market over the next few years…

    …but rather from the raw resources and materials needed to make them — ALL THREE of which are mined and purified right here in the U.S. and North America.

    It’s for these reasons I call these three resources America’s “New Technology Materials.”

    So what are America’s three “New Technology Materials”… and how can you use them to go for life-changing gains starting in as little as three months from now?

    What exactly is graphene? It is a one-atom-thick sheet of densely packed carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb lattice.

    New Technology Material No.1 is graphite.

    Yes, graphite — as in the stuff used to make pencil lead. And no, your pencils aren’t about to soar in value — nor have I lost my mind and “gone off the deep end.”

    You see, graphite itself isn’t about to change the world…

    But a newly discovered, very special REFINED form of graphite — called graphene — is.

    This one material alone could prove more revolutionary than — and soon replace — plastic, Kevlar and the silicon chip.

    Cooling, efficiency and computing power would reach undreamed-of performance levels — while allowing the size of computers and their components to drastically shrink.

    In other words, supercomputers would have the potential to become so small they could fit in the palm of your hand.

    What is the key ingredient in this amazing liquid metal mixture?

    It’s New Technology Material No. 2: vanadium.

    How to Grab Explosive Mining and
    Manufacturing Gains All in One Shot

    I’ll cut straight to the chase: It’s beryllium.

    Why is beryllium a key player in the mix of breakthroughs set to trigger America’s new wave of industrial revolution?

    Three reasons: It’s 30% lighter than aluminum. It’s six times stiffer than steel. And it is both nonmagnetic and nonsparking.

    Because of this unique blend of properties, beryllium alloys have become vital in the manufacture of everything from CAT scanners and medical lasers… to airbag sensors… to the battery contacts in mobile phones and portable electronics.

    What’s of particular interest, though, is the crucial role they play in the extraction of America’s natural resources.

    Beryllium’s strength and nonsparking properties have made it indispensible in the recovery of our nation’s shale oil and shale gas…

    New directional drilling techniques are allowing rig crews to tap into more and more oil and gas deposits. But to do so, they need tools that can operate reliably with electrical controls… withstand high stress and heat… and have very little tendency to spark.

    Beryllium alloys offer the perfect solution: They’re strong enough to withstand the pressure. They’re durable enough to withstand the heat. They easily conduct electrical signals. And they don’t spark.

    As the shale boom continues to grow, you can bet your bottom dollar that beryllium will become a hotter and hotter commodity…

    Source: For more details go to Agora Financial

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