Smile and Move your World

It’s all about attitude & action. Mattering to the world all with a smile.

How to Smile?
Wake Up: engage with care and attention
Be thankful: the opportunity to serve is a gift
Be approachable: We are at each other´s service
Complain Less: being positive is more fun
Smile Really: it´s where pleasantness begins
2 Extra acts of kindness weekly: plant 104 more seeds of generosity each year

How to Move?
Start Early and Go Long
Exceed Expectations
Have a Sense of Urgency
Be Resourceful and Resilient
Solve Problems (don´t share them)
Call first, paperwork last.
Know Everyone: networking works. 1 extra contact daily sparks 180 more personal connections every 6 months
15 extra minutes a day creates over 90 hours a year for what´s most important to you
1 extra risk each week leads to 52 more opportunities every year for excitment and growth

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