Global Aggregation Corporation

The world has entered a period of economic turbulence caused in part by global hyper-competition, skyrocketing energy costs, financial uncertainty, and waves of new technologies. This will most likely be a prolonged period during which the status quo will be upset by rapid changes in how business is conducted within your industry.

The old business models and rules are being swept aside by new ones. Can your business weather the storm by itself? Or would it benefit from collaboration with successful partners committed to one another’s success?

Global Aggregation Corporation creates an opportunity for entrepreneurs to band together and create great wealth the likes of which will reside outside their reach if they continue to operate separately.

Exponentially increasing their sales through cross-marketing,

Dramatically reducing their costs through resource sharing and accumulated purchasing power, and

Giving owners an exit at a time of their choosing

With publicly traded stock valued at a high multiple of their earnings.

In the process GAC helps businesses, and the people in them, to achieve their fullest potential.

The objective of GAC is nothing less than bringing each of its ten industry aggregations to worldwide domination of its market space.

If you’re a business owner or executive, you need to know about Industry Aggregation. Whether you join or not, aggregation will dramatically affect your business.

The Power of Aggregation is achieved through the merging of several like, similar or related businesses into a combined entity resulting in a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. An aggregation becomes strategic when its members are aggregated around a marketing theme which facilitates exponential growth driven via cross-marketing and shared costs.

Participation in an aggregation provides member companies with tremendous advantages over their non-aggregated competition.

Is Industry Aggregation Right For You?

Take a few moments to consider these important questions:

– Does your company have the potential to be an industry or segment leader if given access to additional resources?
– Is your company’s growth hampered by a lack of working capital?
– Is its competitiveness limited by an inability to attract top talent with competitive pay and benefits?
– Does your company suffer from a lack of access to the latest technology? Or, the sophistication to fully utilize it?
– Is it forced to pay small volume prices for practically everything?
– Is it penalized by an inability to achieve economies of scale in key areas?
– Are you a team player who understands and appreciates the net gains provided by collaboration with other companies?
– Do you see the benefit in belonging to a peer group of your industry’s leading companies?
– What is the likelihood of your being able to realize the full value for your equity when it comes time to leave or retire?
– When it comes time to exit would you prefer to sell your equity easily into a public market place at a price equa to 10 or 20 times its annual profit? Or, do yu accept the challenge of finding a private buyer at a price equal to 4 or 5 times its annual profit, paid in installments over five to seven years?

Global Aggregation Corporation Family of Solutions Companies

Most small and mid-size companies offer “me too” commodity type products and services in a heavily competitive marketplace. Profit margins are squeezed as they slog it out for market share. Customer loyalty is low as buyers move to suppliers offering a lower price.

GAC aggregates these companies around specific customer oriented marketing themes. GAC then integrates the offering of their products and services to provide high value-added seamless solutions and consumer markets. The result is high-margin sales with exponential growth driven by cross-marketing the customer bases of the aggregated companes. Customer loyalty is high since buyers cannot shop the total solution nor can they replicate the solution for the same cost by buying the elements piecemeal never mind hassling through assembling the solution for themselves.

GAC works through its family of ten industry aggregation companies helping to build each toward its goal of world domination of its industry. Each of the ten industries focuses on integrating horizontally and vertically otherwise commodity providing companies into providers of effective seamless solutions:

GAC’s aggregation model helps its industries to maximize cross-marketing and cost savings opportunities both within and between industries.

GAC’s aggregation model helps its industry aggregation to both maximize revenues and minimize costs and , in some, cases optimize owner liquidity through a stock swap with public company.

– B2B Unlimited – Business to business products and services become integrated solutions for a vast arrays of business challenges and opportunities
– Financial Services Unlimited – Financial products and services become integrated solutions for building and sustaining business and personal wealth
– Green Unlimited -Environmental products and services become integrated solutions for a healthy and sustainable personal and global environment
– Health & Longevity Unlimited – Health products and services become an integrated solution for a longer, healthier, feel great life
– Human Potentials Unlimited – Human potentials products and services become an integrated solution for a happier, more productive, more fulfilling life
– InfoCom Unlimited – Information and communication products and services become integrated solutions for human relations and business success
– Lifestyles Unlimited – Consumer products and services become an integrated solution for living the lifestyle of your dreams on budget of your reality
– Professional Service Unlimited – Professional service providers, prohibited from sharing ownrship with non-licensed parties, benefit from public ownership of their business enterprise and aggregation into any of the other nine indstries
– Safety & Security Unlimited – Safety and security products and services become an integrated solution for personal and business peace of mind
– Supply Chain Unlimited – Supply chain products and services become an integrated seamless solution for personal and business logistical challenges

If your business falls into one of these industries, contact us today for information on how it can benefit by partnering with GAC and its Solution Family. Don’t be left behind.

Note: It does not matter the latest name to call it. Either platform business, aggregation model, marketplace, or sharing economy. The important concept behind prevails, the technology to make it work change. So how are you going to disrupt your industry before your competitors do?

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