The Great Energy Revolution of 2010

Take Everything You THINK YOU KNOW About Energy Investing – and throw it out the window. The global energy sector is entering its most-promising stretch in decades – with more new technologies and more investment opportunities than ever before. The result of a global gas market will be shattering volatility—at first, as everyone tries to adjust. Then lower prices. Then a total shakeup of the energy equation, as oil, coal, solar, wind, nuclear, biomass and wind power are re-evaluated, re-priced and radically reorganized in the year ahead. Forget about new rules on carbon emission. Put it all together and you have a whole new game.

When ExxonMobil plunked down $62 billion for natural gas driller XTO, the message was clear. OPEC is no longer the only game in town. With Saudi’s oil reserves only HALF what are reported, the world needs new answers—and quickly.

One such answer lies in XTO’s natural gas drilling technology. A large measure of energy independence for the U.S. becomes possible, just from this. Not that I’m wrapping myself in that flag, you understand.

But imagine a country where we had more energy, more available and more economically friendly than we could possibly use. I’m not just talking economic “recovery” here. We’d be looking at a standard of living 60% higher, an economy expanding at 5 – 7% a year and a future that we ourselves could dictate.

Energy abundance, from multiple sources, in markets that operate quickly and efficiently, at relatively frictionless levels, will unlock untold wealth across our entire society over the next decade. But investors who “play the majors” may find themselves with less than their fair share of this newfound wealth.

If you can build a LNG ship faster or purify water or scrub gas chimneys cleaner or make the bearings for a wind turbine cheaper, you deserve our investment money because you will double it, triple it or better in the months ahead. Do you want to be Texas rich?

“You could make more money in energy investments over the next several years than in any other sector and during any other period in your lifetime.”
Source: Dr. Kent Moors (advisor to six of the world’s Top 10 oil companies)
More details here: My Own Portfolio

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