Sebastian Marshall

The Million Dollar Question
If someone gives you an awesome blueprint to upgrade your game, would you make it happen, no matter what?
Why don’t people take the large opportunities in front of them? Why don’t they allow their dreams to become realities?
Because it means you won’t be understood. And we need to be understood, fundamentally, it’s so important to us.
Maybe that’s not the whole answer. But a big part of it. I cried when I realized that’s what it was.
I don’t get to have a normal life. I don’t get to be fully understood by everyone around me. That{s why I am part of the 5% action takers. Stop crying. Start smiling. Keep building.

20 ways to increase mental energy
Build habits and routines
Avoid temptation in the first place
Make unimportant decisions quickly
Get out of bed soon after waking up
Focus on one complicated task at a time

Keep your blood sugar moderately high
Avoid sugar crashes
Avoid food that’s difficult to digest
Keep active as you work
Spend time only on activities that deserve your mental energy

Sleep at the same time every night
Work with the right amount of background noise/music
Write down information to free your short-term memory
Take “real” breaks
For difficult decisions, write down a short list of options and work from that

Make travelling less effortful
Be a little more extroverted
Be less perfectionist
Work and live in a comfortable environment
Choose to spend more time on activities that absorb your attention

Developing will power
how he started learning about willpower, the state of what’s known scientifically about how willpower and the brain work, and how you can start improving your life right away by implementing a tiny habit, thinking and systems, and using some powerful thinking tools.
In sports you need willpower to oversome fear to get the skill you want.
We’re all sort of amateur psychologists. Since we all have a brain and a mind, most people tend to have our own theories about how it works.
Winning comes from orienting your behavior towards the most productive activities, and there’s two parts of that:figure out what the best activities are, and get yourself to do them.
Willpower is only half of the equation for general behavior change. Habits are the other half.
Starting a tiny habit is one of the best ways to get started with developing your willpower.
If something is late, START BY FORGIVING YOURSELF for whatever is going on.
A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.

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Build your castle
A castle is a bunch of rocks and glueput together.
Do you have the vision to build a castle?
Start putting pieces the together, work hard as a slave.
Align other people in the process, delegate to other carftmen.
Enjoy the process and one day you will be proud of it.

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