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In Less Than Two Weeks – The Same Experts Who Get Paid Millions To Mentor Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, & Starbucks… Are Now Willing To Give You The Same Expert Advice To Build Your Own Business… With One Difference.
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Discovery Session 1 Webcast
October 29th, 2009

1. What’s the single biggest strategy for moving from distrust, dubious, and suspect to seismic credibility and what’s the single biggest action our members should do first and why?

2. There are 2 aspects to credibility – quick fix and long term remediation – What actions would you recommend that can be taken quickly and what actions would you recommend that are more long term and self-sustaining?

3. Most Entrepreneurs do not think of themselves as not being credible, trustworthy or believable – so what’s the best way to get an unbiased viewpoint of what we are really conveying to the marketplace and how do we develop thick enough skin to see ourselves as we really are ?

4. Let’s talk about specific tactics – How would you suggest our members make each contact point with their market – more effective? Whether it be customer service, marketing, advertising, or simply describing the attributes of their products or services?

5. If you were to give each of our members an exercise that would constantly put them on the path to growing their trust, believability, and credibility, what would you recommend? What benefits will accrue by doing it and why?

6. Of all the things you’ve researched, written, and presented on what’s the single biggest distinction, realization, insight that you need to get across to this group that hasn’t been covered so far, and why?

7. Through the lens of your expertise; What one question do you wish we would have asked you, that we didn’t, that relates to helping members on this call make their business more profitable, more successful, more competitively advantageous right now and into the future? Why is it an important question? And had we asked, what would your answer be?

The answers and secrets these experts reveal during this 90 minute event will completely blow you away! Fortune 500 companies pay these guys tens of thousands of dollars for information like this that Jay and Rich are extracting for you for FREE!

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