Google Analytics

There’s a deceptively simple tool that’s guaranteed to help you make breakthroughs in your online business.

Google Analytics is a no-nonsense software that comes with a load of features that can give you important data and statistics about how your customers “behave” as they browse your website.

This includes a tracking feature that allows you to trail every single visitor on your website: where they come from- whether it’s display advertising, pay-per-click networking, and yes even email marketing campaigns and digital collateral materials like PDFs—and discover which page potential customers spend the most time on and which page pushes them to abandon your website all together.

It’s a pretty powerful tool that provides all the data you need so you can single out which of your marketing campaigns actually converts to revenues and which ones bomb.

And one of the best things about Google Analytics? It has practically all the benefits of those complex and costly “enterprise- level” analytics tool but without the hefty price tag. In fact, you can sign-up and use it for free!

Google Analytics is the great traffic insights equalizer—enabling small businesses to be at par with multinational companies and global conglomerates. However, it’s really a sophisticated tool that’s disguised as a simple one. Most business owners still can’t believe that it’s capable of delivering a host of valuable traffic data—so much so that they don’t maximize everything that Google Analytics can do for their company.

You simply cannot make that mistake—especially when you’ve already got a traffic generation powerhouse in your hands.

So, fire up your company’s traffic strategy. Cut through the guesswork. Skip the trial-and- error scenarios. Start firing up your stats to get the right kind of traffic with the Improve your Website with Google Analytics Strategy Cashmap.

The Strategy Cashmap’s step-by-step guides will help you figure out how to achieve your desired traffic results—and eventually the well-deserved record revenues—faster than you can say, “Increase my traffic, please!”

Download the Google Analytics Strategy Cashmap now for free and you’ll be on your way to learning:

* How to make sense of all the data you receive – including how to tell when the info is important and needs your immediate attention

* The eleven ways to retain visitors and build more traffic (Apply these simple steps and see near-instant improvement.)

* How to delegate “success tracking” so you can focus on other aspects of your business

* How to identify the precise page where you lose visitors on the way to the “goal page” (if you know where the problem is, you’ll know where to start to improve your website)

* The secret step that tells you if the changes you are implementing are truly improving your website (or if you should re-evaluate your strategy)

Source: Google Analytics Strategy Cashmap by Mark Joyner
Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics by Brian Clifton

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