How to Wake Up With a Natural High

Ever had days when getting out of bed was the last thing you wanted to do? I’ve had those days, too. I once thought that I needed to take supplements in order to wake up all energized and ready to take on the day. But, as it turns out, all I need is a natural high. Here you will find 3 wake-up tips:

1. Wake up laughing. ‘Decrease Your Distress.’ This is why I conditioned myself to remember something funny the moment I woke up. I also kept some joke books on my bedside table so I could read a joke first thing in the morning. It seems like such a small thing to do, but it works for me,” says Brandon.

2. Get up within five minutes. “Don’t overuse your snooze button. You have to get moving by stretching your limbs within five minutes of waking up. If you just lie there, you can quickly lose track of time or, worse, you could start thinking about distressing things.”

3. Drink up. “The course emphasizes that our bodies need the proper fuel, so, I’ve gotten into the habit of drinking two glasses of water upon waking up. Dehydration causes fatigue so you have to deal with it early on. It makes a lot of difference. Remember to drink your water slowly. You will slowly feel more energized as you do so.”

Source: Brandon Charles

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