Beyond Kickstarter and Indiegogo

Is entrepreneurship the solution to the world urgent problems?
I enjoy to get involve with entrepreneurs who want to improve the world, solve a pain, share good will, disrupt industries with better solutions. These is a short list of part of the projects I am getting involved:

Dolfi: Next Gen Washing Device

3d printing + hydroponics = 3D Ponics

My vision:
Create a hub for entrepreneurs in Santiago, Chile to develop startups in different complementary niches using breakthrough technologies to provide an advantage to our community clients in their marketplace. To do so, we will prove marketing tools and services for their campaigns to generate leads and tracking conversions to get sales results. The main asset of this project is the people involve, so we want to expand and become a great environment to training and working with talented people and the great list of suppliers and clients to build campaigns with clear communication about the benefits and value the client receive. We want to solve urgent problems in our community. We want to expand and develop not only the marketing systems but the innovative products too. The business model and the company´s culture can be a model for other companies to replicate, so we can become a modern university to learn, implement and teach. Drop a comment if you want to join.

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